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Smoothflow Ducted Laminar Flow Cabinet

Product Features

  • Provides metal-free environment for trace metal analysis & metal free laboratories
  • ISO Class 5 (Class 100) or better clean zone
  • Customisable materials & technology
  • Provides operator & process protection
  • Acid digestion models available including scrubber
  • Ideal for Earth Sciences, Zoological, Trace-metal, Nanotechnology, Geological & Mining laboratories
  • Optional equipment for wet process benches
  • User friendly interface & control panel

If your laboratory requires both operator and process protection in a metal-free or corrosive environment, look no further - the Smoothflow Ducted Laminar Flow Cabinet has everything you need. Designed to suit the demands of today's ever-changing laboratories, this laminar flow fume cabinet is designed to the performance requirements of multiple Australian and International Standards and features fully customisable materials and technology, creating a diverse solution for your needs.

Based on the design and technology of our Smoothflow Fume Cupboard range, our ducted laminar flow has been manufactured using the highest quality materials, workmanship and the latest technology. Our Smoothflow Ducted Laminar Flow Cabinet provides users with the highest level of efficiency and a user-friendly interface, complete with a state of the art touch control panel that controls all functions with ease. Featuring ISO 14644-1 Class 5 integrity or better, this ducted laminar flow cabinet is performance tested to Australian Standard AS/NZS 2243.8 for barrier containment, and AS/NZS 1668.2 for total exhaust models.

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